Why would the Fox News Network employ a long serving member of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq organization and well known mercenary of Saddam Hussein, as its 'Foreign Affairs Analyst'?

Are we to believe that the US government is ignorant about the presence of known terrorists in their media and the support of the American Jewish lobby for the terrorist Mojahedin in the US?

Why do they think that using terrorists is justified? Is it really in the long term interests of the US to support its 'good terrorists' even though they worked under Saddam Hussein's direct orders for the past 20 years, and were involved in using chemical weapons against Iranians and Iraqis, as well as theft, assassination, murder, ...?

History will no doubt show that the hawks in the US administration are mistaken. It will be their own people who will ultimately pay the price of supporting these known terrorists in Iraq and the US.

Jafarzadeh the terrorist MEK's spokesman!                 Jafarzadeh supported by the hawks!

Jafarzadeh as Spokesman for the banned NCRI! (Fox News web site)

Jafarzadeh as the Fox News foreign affairs analyst! (Fox News web site)