Survivors' Report - April 2005


'No Mullahs. No Rajavi. Democracy. Democracy'
Report on anti-Mojahedin demonstration in Paris on 29 March 2005.

April 2005, issue 11

A New Beginning for Democratic Opposition
By Massoud Khodabandeh
"…Rejection of the MKO not simply as a force which has inflicted pain, but as a cult whose actions directly help the hardliners in Iran and which is trying its best to destroy any hope for a democratic future in Iran, signaled a new political stance…"

News in Brief
April 2005, issue 11
MKO Tries to Stop Members from Escaping
Irandidban, March 16, 2005
Why are Family Visits denied?
Radio Farda, 30th March 2005

The legal process against Mrs Maryam Rajavi
Karim Haghi
Sometimes the recollection of some of these scenes has been intensely painful and difficult for the victims. The atmosphere of these meetings was often very emotional and usually ended with people weeping while remembering the exact details of their own particular histories. But if they would not bear this pain and would not talk, the world could never know what has happened in Ashraf Camp.

Dwindling Parliamentary Support for the Mojahedin

Campaign to allow families to contact
Mojahedin members in Iraq

By Anne Singleton 
'Return Our Children To Us' (Paris demonstration slogan)
…any objection raised by the Mojahedin toward people who are trying to establish and protect the rights of individual members in the difficult circumstances of captivity in an occupied country must be looked at with the suspicion it deserves.