Survivors' Report - March 2005

Issue 10

The Myth of the Third Way
Responses to the Mojahedin's new policy statement

March 2005, issue 10

News in Brief
March 2005, issue 10
Letter to the International Herald Tribune
MKO Paris Demonstration Cancelled
Producers threatened by MKO over broadcast
US seeks Iranian group as operatives against Tehran
Counter-MKO Picket in Koln
MKO Demonstration in Berlin Curtailed
Former MKO meet German MPs
MKO attack former member in the Netherlands
Iranian academic wins apology from Mojahedin
100 Mojahedin Successfully Repatriated - More Will Follow

Radio Multi Culte - France
Report by Nasrin Basiri, 12 February

US Government's Secret Plans for Iran
MONITOR - WDR TV, Germany, February 3, 2005
Report: Markus Schmidt, John Goetz
"these are terrorists, but there is a big difference between being my terrorists or yours. Ray McGovern, ex-CIA

The Third Phase Mercenaries
By Maryam Khoshnevis
After Iran's revolution of 1979 the Mojahedin-e Khalq ordered its members and supporters to adopt the charade of appeasing the ruling mullahs so that they might extract some advantage from the situation - perhaps a little share in power. This was dubbed the political phase. The duty of all Mojahedin forces was to play along with both the leadership and the strategy of the regime, and to stand against imperialism.

Personal Experiences
The interview of 9 Mojahedin defectors with International Media (in three parts)
Part Three