Electoral conundrum for the Mojahedin

Hadi Shams Ha'eri

In recent weeks the many articles and news by the many different known and unknown sources found on web sites belonging to the MKO all emphasise that an election in Iraq at this time is unrealistic and the outcome could not be legitimate. It shows clearly that the organisation is fully favours postponement of the upcoming election.

The first question to ask of course is what the election in Iraq has got to do with the Mojahedin? The question which follows is what the effect of the progress or postponement of this election have on the MKO?

In reality, the MKO's fate is tied to the fate of Iraq and events there have a direct determining effect on the MKO. If Iraq moves towards stability and a government chosen in a relatively democratic free election is established, then the MKO's continued existence in Iraq will be under serious threat. Not only they be forced out of Iraq, but with the exposure of the MKO file on its role in crushing the Iraqi Kurds and Shiites and its behind-the-scene deals with the regime of Saddam, the prosecution of the MKO leaders, particularly Mr Massoud Rajavi, is almost inevitable. Especially since there is nowhere which will accept the MKO and it has nowhere else in the world to live. It is obvious under such conditions that the MKO will do all it can to stop such a scenario from unfolding so that they can stay in Iraq.

The MKO is fully aware that the people of Iraq, neither during the rule of Saddam when they could not talk nor afterwards when they could talk, have never been happy with the MKO presence in Iraq. This opposition has been announced through various officials of the Iraqi Interim Government on many occasions. That is why, if the elections take place and an elected government of even a dependent government is put in place the Iraqi leaders would not think twice about expelling the MKO from Iraq. The MKO are desperate to show their presence in Iraq as legitimate and legal, and in line with the wishes of the people of Iraq and also the heads of the tribes from whom it tries to collect signatures. The MKO have claimed over and over that hundreds of Iraqi lawyers and thousands of heads of tribes support its residence in Iraq.

Most recently the MKO claimed that over 250 thousand Iraqis signed a petition to say that Mojahedin are their guests and they have the right to remain in Iraq. Of course these statistics like so many other claims by the MKO have never been substantiated by any actual documents.

But the question this provokes is in this respect are the Mojahedin Iranians of Iraqis? Should their fate be tied to the future of Iran or Iraq? Should it be the people of Iraq who should sign petitions for them or the Iranian people?

Why is it that the Mojahedin cannot gather even 500 signatures from Iraqis outside Iraq? If they could gather this many signatures outside Iraq, we might then believe that they have gathered 250 thousand signatures inside Iraq. And even if we accept these claims at face value, is 250 thousands signatures the majority vote in a country with a population of 18 million?

If Mojahedin have popular support in Iraq and the American army supports it as they try to make us believe and I don't know whether the second one is something to be proud of or ashamed then why is it that Maryam Rajavi and the majority of the heads of the MKO have left Iraq and have left the body of the organisation as dispensable solders in Iraq?

Any kind of democracy in Iraq is against the interest of the MKO and that is why the Mojahedin is terrified by any kind of stability and the elections in Iraq. One of the gauges for the legitimacy and popular support for any political group is its level of connection with other opposition forces and visa versa. The Mojahedin have no cooperation or even cultural relations with any other opposition group or party whatsoever. When this cooperation is missing and others do not accept any relation with you it is obvious that there is no relation with the people of Iran either. Because political parties and organisations are nothing other than the representatives of different sections of a society.

Since the Mojahedin has no real base within the people of Iran or with the political parties and organisations inside or outside Iran, it tries to create false support from the Iraqis or from foreign powers such as the members of the parliaments in different countries and produces them as the evidence for its legitimacy.

A recent poll by the famous Iranian website Gooya.com which is based outside Iran, put the question 'who would you like to lead Iran in to the future?' Out of 8119 votes, 112 were for Maryam Rajavi - about 1.4 percent - and none for Massoud Rajavi. This clearly shows the amount of support they enjoy among Iranians.

I propose to Mrs Rajavi who announces herself as the 'future president of Iran' and falsely claims that 80 percent of Iranians support her, that if she does not accept the result of the Gooya poll, now that election of a new president is to be held in Iran shortly, she can, without fearing the electoral censorship which does not reach to the internet, and considering too that there are about 3 million Iranians outside country, present herself as a candidate for the presidency of Iran on any one of the many websites belonging to the MKO. This will prove to her and her supporters that the number of votes cast for her would certainly be fewer by a huge margin than for even the most hated right wing candidates in Iran. This must once and for all bring her to accept to resign her ridiculous imaginary claim to being an alternative to the Islamic Republic of Iran and will allow her an exit strategy by which to leave the scene to the real freedom lovers and democratic forces.