Revealed - Mojahedin plot to kill dissidents
and opponents in Europe

26 June 2003

According to Le Figaro, the Mojahedin were planning to attack Iranian embassies in Europe. Le Figaro wrote that the Mojahedin-e Khalq, planned to "organize operations against Iranian targets within Europe (embassies, consulates), and to physically eliminate former members of the movement. French police are still reviewing the documents found during last weeks' raids on MKO bases in Paris. Among these documents, there is a map containing some information about the US embassy in Paris.

Masoud Tayebi, a former member of MKO, revealed in an announcement the details of the MKO's plan to kill former members in Europe.

In part of this announcement we read: "The Mojahedin had predicted that in the case of failure, they will kill all their dissidents in Europe by any means possible and Massoud [Rajavi] had formally ordered this. In this regard he said that European prisons (such as where Mrs. Rajavi is now held) are like 4 star hotels in which you will feel comfortable."

According to Le Figaro, one of the MKO's purposes in Europe was to eliminate dissident members; but they didn't find the opportunity to perform their plan because of the speedy operation of June 17 by French police.

This plan was decided on following a Seminar held by former members in Paris on April 18 this year. The Seminar was organized by 30 former members who had previously managed to escape from the MKO. The Seminar received good coverage by the international media such as Radio Farda, VOA, BBC and Radio France. In this meeting former members had discussed the future of the MKO and its plans for after the war on Iraq. After the Seminar the MKO thought about the Seminar and the threat this gathering of former members posed to their plans.

The film of this Seminar, a unique event since 1979, will shortly be shown in public; that's why the leader of the MKO had analysed the advances made by this movement as a threat and had ordered the plan [to kill dissidents]. In order to accomplish the  plan, Bijan Rahimi, of the MKO's counter-intelligence cadre and one of Massoud Rajavi's personal Guards entered Europe some time ago.