Press Release

7 May 2003

In a letter addressed to Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Jack Straw MP, Iran-Interlink again drew attention to the crimes of the Mojahedin-e Khalq, the armed Iranian opposition organisation which played a direct role in killing and suppressing the Kurdish and Shiite populations in Iraq by direct order of Saddam Hussein. The letter also stated that the MKO continued to act as a mercenary force for the Iraqis in gathering intelligence and showed themselves compliant with Saddam Husseinís WMD programme.

Iran-Interlink went on to stress that the MKO has systematically abused the democratic systems of the West in order to gain political and financial support here. These, of course, are among the reasons they remain on the list of foreign terrorist entities of the
USA, UK and European Union.

Iran-Interlink has campaigned for the right of the ordinary Mojahedin forces to contact their families and to choose whether or not they wish to remain part of this organisation. As it is a cult, the members do not enjoy such rights. Many have been imprisoned, tortured or even killed for dissenting views.

In view of the current situation of the MKO in Iraq Iran-Interlink requests that:

the coalition forces investigate the whereabouts of over fifty dissenting Mojahedin members who were reported to be in Abu Ghraib political prison, the names of whom have previously been published.

the Mojahedin bases themselves be thoroughly searched and evidence documented about the existence of Mojahedin prisons there. This will expose the notorious prisons and torture rooms, graveyards, tunnels, storage of chemical masks and chemical antidote drugs issued by Saddam Hussein following training etc, some of which can be found located adjacent to Mr Massoud Rajaviís palace in Ashraf camp (known as the water purifying project). If the coalition forces cannot find these places there are many former prisoners who still bear the marks of torture by the Mojahedin who are willing to identify these buildings on the ground.

the Mojahedin issue the names of all the members killed in the recent conflict so that their families can be informed.