Four Mojahedin killed in cross border clash


"Sunday, 23 April, 2000, 12:21 GMT 13:21 UK

Iran-Iraq border clash

Iran says its forces have killed four members of the exiled opposition movement, the Mojahedin-e Khalq, as they tried to infiltrate the country from Iraq.
A report on Iranian television said two pairs of rebels carrying a mortar and ammunition were intercepted near the Hoseynieh border point.
No Iranian troops were hurt in the ensuing clash.
The report said the infiltrators were also carrying handguns and grenades, a satellite telephone, currency and cyanide capsules.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service
NK/RREnd "

This news is disturbing in the light of Rajavi's plan for his army to launch an all-out attack on Iran should the USA declare war on Iraq. See below.

Pending Human Rights Disaster

It has been reported that in the most recent military political gathering of the Mojahedin, Massoud Rajavi told his followers 'we have no choice except to attack Iran with whatever we have'.

In the meeting, Maryam Rajavi, his wife, stressed that this time, unlike during the Gulf war, Rajavi would not remain in Iraq. He must leave Iraq to preserve himself in order to continue the revolution. Maryam implied that Switzerland would be a good base for Rajavi.

Reportedly, the Mojahedin are presently plying the UNHCR in Iraq to have a selective 200-300 members accepted as refugees to be sent to Europe in order to prepare for Rajavi's relocation.

The reality behind this situation is that, as happened twice before, 20th June 1981 and the Forough-e Javidan (Eternal Light) operation of 1988, Rajavi needs to create another bloodbath in order to get out of his present impasse.

Rajavi's reasoning is manifold:

  • For 'internal consumption' he has linked this plan with the threatened US attack on Iraq, and Saddam Hussein.
  • For 'western consumption', when he is ready, and knowing that he will not succeed in any military attack on Iran, Rajavi will again send thousands of his members to kill and get killed. This will buy him credit in his 'blood bank' of martyrs, and justify the organisation's claims of persecution by the Iranian regime.
  • Conveniently, as has happened before, Rajavi will also be able to place disaffected Mojahedin members at the front line so that they will be at most risk of being killed or captured by Iran's military forces. Rajavi would then be rid of these people who would be classified as martyrs or, if they are captured by the Iranians and executed as expected, victims of the regime.
  • For 'Iranian consumption', such an attack will help the hard-liners to block reforms and progress inside Iran.
  • For Rajavi himself this move will ensure his personal survival.

This is a pending human rights disaster. As many as 5,000 Mojahedin members could be involved in this attack. It is not known how many will be killed or injured on both sides.

Whatever agreement Massoud Rajavi and Saddam Hussein come to about how they use their forces, and where or when Rajavi will go or stay, is not our concern. Our concern is the deliberate intention to sacrifice thousands of people in an attempt to get out of their political impasse. Needless to say, anyone who refuses to go to war will, as others have before them, be handed over to the Iraqi authorities, who will charge them with spying for Iran and punish them accordingly…

We urge all international organisations concerned with human rights and security to intervene and investigate the situation, and to put pressure on Iraq to prevent this bloodshed.