FCO statement on MEK

Monday 19 May 2003

A spokesman from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London today told Iran-Interlink that the Mojahedin in Iraq are still in the process of surrendering to and being disarmed by coalition forces and that this is likely to take some time. This action is being taken in order to guarantee safety and security in Iraq.

The spokesman went on to reaffirm that as far as the UK is concerned, the Mojahedin remain a proscribed terrorist organization and will be dealt with accordingly. No terrorist organization will be allowed to continue its operations inside Iraq.

When asked about the possibility of Mojahedin forces seeking asylum in the UK the spokesman said that this is a matter for the Home Office but that the UK has clear guidelines about who is able to take asylum in the UK.

This is in clear contradiction to some reports which state that the Mojahedin claim they are being considered as political allies for the future. Some reports have stated that Mojahedin forces are to be trained and deployed by the coalition forces in Iraq for intelligence missions.