Mojahedin Members' Families Meet in Baghdad to Free their Children

17 July 2003

Recent reports indicate that 50 families of Mojahedin members have travelled to Iraq in order to save their children from Massoud Rajavi's cult organization the People's Mojahedin of Iran or Mojahedin-e Khalq. This effort has been co-ordinated by 'Nejat Association' in Iran, which has been trying for 1 year to rescue members of the Mojahedin. Nejat Association (which means 'Rescue' in Farsi) was formed by former members of the Mojahedin who say they are thoroughly aware of  the tricks and intrigues employed by Rajavi.

Since last year, Mojahedin members' families in Iran have taken influential steps toward saving their children, including gathering before the UN building in Tehran, visiting the Iraqi embassy, writing letters to different communities, visiting European parliamentarians and finally gathering before the Swiss embassy and sending their requests to the Red Cross.

The Nejat Association-led efforts of families to save their children entered a new phase when the families were informed about the internal situation of the group, and when they found that their children are being held in camps by force and that they have asked for help from inside the camps where they are captive.

Families became angry when Rajavi, in a desperate move, denied these families' claims [that they have been denied access to their children] and even invited families to visit Iraq and visit the holy shrines there as well as their children. This invitation was issued while Saddam Hussein was still in power and Rajavi never imagined that one day the barriers between families and members may be removed.

The USA has now facilitated the conditions which allow for these meetings to take place by removing Saddam and disarming Rajavi's cult. In these circumstances, the Mojahedin members' families have decided to travel to Iraq from Iran and confront Rajavi directly to demand from him their rights. These families trusted the information released by former members, accepted the risks and went on to say that they are the same people who gathered in front of the UN Office and Swiss embassy in Tehran. The same people have gone to try to free their children. And the same people who are no longer deceived by Rajavi and have come to prove this. They say "we have come here to the door of Ashraf camp. Now, you do what you promised and open the doors to our children."

But until now the doors of Ashraf camp remain firmly closed to the families. A representative of Nejat Association sent a statement by email about the families:

"This brave act will show the real face of Rajavi to the world. They have shown that they are brave enough to go to Ashraf camp, but Rajavi hasn't been brave enough to show himself to them and he will not open the doors."

He adds: "according to the latest news from the families, they gathered in front of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad to speak to the reporters who are staying there and asked to meet with their children. They said they're ready to go to Ashraf Camp."

Important note from Iran-Interlink
Although the above report reveals a similar campaign to Iran-Interlink's Family Contact campaign, we state unreservedly that there is no link whatsoever between Iran-Interlink and Nejat Association and we have no information of Nejat Association's programme, sponsors or activities.