Mojahedin complicity in Iraqi diversion tactics

March 2003

The Mojahedin recently held press conferences to coincide with the visit of the International Atomic Energy Agency to Iran. The organisation announced that it has uncovered a nuclear missile programme in Iran.


Regardless of the situation of Iran, there is credible evidence that for some time Saddam Hussein has been putting pressure on the Mojahedin to help him divert attention away from his own problems. This is being done with several countries, however, our expertise is specific to the Mojahedin and Iran. The Mojahedin do not have a military role for Saddam Hussein at this moment. However, their close relations allow him to take advantage of the Mojahedin’s propaganda machine which has been built for exactly these kinds of ‘rainy day’. As a non-Iraqi force he can use them as a mouthpiece to transmit propaganda which his regime could not issue directly.


As far as can be ascertained, Iran Interlink is certain that the Mojahedin have no significant presence inside Iran and certainly not of a sufficient nature to have gleaned this information via their own sources. Our estimation is that the information has been given to the Mojahedin directly by the Iraqis for use in diverting attention away from Iraq’s own problems. Please note that we have no ability to comment on whether the information given is actually true or false.


This tactic by the Iraqi regime points to the nature of the relation between Saddam Hussein and Massoud Rajavi, leader of the Mojahedin, National Council of Resistance of Iran and the National Liberation Army of Iran.


The Mojahedin have no objection to the use of chemical weapons. The Mojahedin were present in the south of Iraq under the command of the Iraqi military when Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers in the Iran-Iraq war. The Mojahedin were present in Iraqi Kurdistan when Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against the Kurdish population at Halabje. On neither of these occasions did the Mojahedin make any comment about the use of chemical weapons. Certainly they did not condemn or criticise their use. On each occasion the Mojahedin were voluntarily under the command of the Iraqi military and were therefore implicitly acquiescent with the actions of the Iraqis.