Mojahedin misuse Europeans


    Some Mojahedin members in European countries are collecting relief funds in order to support the terrorist acts of this group. They do this under different guises such as aid for charity associations, aid for Iranian orphans and poor Iranian families or aid for families whose tutor has been detained in Iran.
    They have also brought a number of old women, having some pictures with themselves, to the streets to attract sympathy and aid from Europeans.


Berlin - One of the Mojahedin's experienced members, who had introduced 4 of his children as orphans by presenting forged documents, has been detained.

This man, who is a member of the charity for Iranian refugee children association, could receive more than half a million euros from Germany's public aid office.  Köln's Rondshaw newspaper in a report called "global search and prosecution of Mojahedin" wrote: "a charity for Iranian refugee children is accused of receiving money for children on various grounds and giving it to the Mojahedin to buy weapons."

This newspaper added: "there is hard evidence that the Mojahedin bought weapons with the money which it received from Köln's public affair.

The chief of Köln's investigating team said: "we have a close relationship with American security officials about this fraudulence. A 10-member group that deceived the charity association is now in the U.S. and some other members are in Iraq and France.


Berlin - the agents of Germany's public prosecution inspected 25 Mojahedin offices.

According to Germany's news agency, these offices gave the money which it received from people and the government of Germany, to the Mojahedin to buy weapons instead of giving it to refugee children.

Germany's news agency added: " two members of Germany's green party headed this association, but they are excluded from the police investigations. Muller and Lutex, after the publication of this news in newspapers, resigned. The green party is one of the coalition parties in the Germany's government.