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April 2003

  Saddam's Private Army
How Rajavi changed Iran's Mojahedin
from Armed Revolutionaries to an Armed Cult

Author: A. Singleton

pp 210 - Published 30 April 2003 -ISBN 0-9545009-0-3

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This up-to-date account and analysis charts the Mojahedin’s degeneration from one of the world’s most powerful armed opposition movements into a private army for Saddam Hussein.

Told by a Western woman who for twenty years had unique access to the secret inner world of the Mojahedin, this book is a very personal account of how Massoud Rajavi, leader of the Mojahedin, in his ruthless quest for power has perverted the original ideological basis of the organisation until it is little more than a cult which worships him as its quasi-deity.

Labelled as a terrorist entity by the governments of America and Europe, the author argues that the Mojahedin’s real danger lies in the unquestioning obedience of the members to the whims of their leader. Understanding Rajavi’s motivations is key to a thorough appraisal of this enigmatic organisation and the threat it poses to Western democracy.