BBC Monitoring Iranian Media Roundup (2-8 June 2003)

There were a number of press reports that the Iranian opposition group, the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization, MKO, may gain the support of the USA against the regime in Tehran.

The organization - which is on the US and European lists of terrorists - staged pickets outside the White House, demanding to be removed from the list of terrorists. (Ekho, Baku, 3 June)

The "top decision-making body of the European Union" reiterated that the MKO is a terrorist organization, and that "the Community and the EU Member States are committed in this respect". (IRNA, 2 June)

But the Norwegian Foreign Ministry said there are no immediate plans to investigate what the organization does in Norway, where it has its European headquarters. (Norwegian NRK, 5 June)

The clandestine MKO radio resumed broadcasting last week after it ceased transmission in April. The radio, which had been based in Iraq, no longer identifies as "Voice of the Mojahed" but as "Voice of Freedom".

Source: BBC Monitoring research in English 8 Jun 03