List of some associations and organisations related to MKO in Germany according to Mojahedin publication

1 democratic Iranian graduates and specialists association – Germany

2 Iranians Solidarity Association in Karlsruhe

3 Iranian society – Munster

4 Iranian refugees society – Germany

5 Democratic Iranians centre – Kerfeld

6 Iranians music resuscitate Association

7 Iranians solidarity Association – Hanover

8 Iranian refugees association – Darmstadt

9 women for democracy association in IranBremen

10 martyrs mothers’ association – Germany

11 Iranians solidarity association residents of Bokham city

12 supporters of people’s Mojahedin organisation of Iran association – Cologne

13 IMD Iran television programme in Hamburg

14 Television programme negah – Hanover

15 Munich Iranian Society

16 Asylums society in Rashstadt

17 Iranian democratic society – Durn

18 Iranian society – Hamburg

19 Iranian refugee society – Frankfurt

20 Augsburg Iranian society

21 Iranian society in Leipzig

22 Iranian asylums society in Stuttgart

23 Iranian refugees society of Berlin

24 Refugees society of Freiburg

25 Athletes Refugees society of Nurnburg

26 Iranians independent association of Essen

27 Athletes committee supporters of national Council of Resistance of Iran – Germany

28 Iranians solidarity association of Gottingen

29 Supporters of People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran in GiessenGermany

30 Independent Iranian refugees association – Dortmund

31 Women’s association – Kerfeld, Dortmund

32 Political prisoners union (in exile) German unit


List of Associations and organisations related to MKO in England according to Mojahedin publication

1 Iranian Whole merchants union in England

2 Iranian Youth Assocation – supporters of resistance of Iran

3 Iranian women association – north east of england

4 simorgh Association – for rescusitation of Iranian art in Britain

5 Iranian cultural Centre in Middlesbrough

6 ASM Iranian Association (Iranian architects, electronics and mechanic engineers association)

7 Iranian merchants association

8 Muslim students association – England

9 Iranian Welfare Association in Britain

10 Iranian womens Association in Britain

11 Iranian accademicians Associations throughout Britain

12 Iranian specialists association England

13 Iranian society in LiverpoolEngland

14 Iranian professors society of Northern England

15 Iranian community in Manchester Metropolitan – England

16 Large Iranian community in London

17 Iranian community in Bristol

18 Iranian cultural association in Newcastle

19 Iranian specialists association in Glasgow


Some assocs and orgs related to MKO in America according to Mojahed publication