Advice to Pentagon Advisors


'High ranking officials in the Department of Defense and Department of State told ABC that the Pentagon supports a covert plan for toppling the Iranian regime. This covert plan, which has been confirmed by a Committee including Paul Wolfowitz, Armitazh and Steven Hadley, includes intelligence co-operation with anti-Iranian groups and also military aid to them. The Pentagon?s suggestion includes all pressure levers such as supporting armed dissidents and using the  Mojahedin-e Khalq under a new name. The MKO has accepted co-operation with US forces in Iraq.'

Advisors in the Pentagon who are hoping to use the Mojahedin Organization by reinventing them under a different name face a simple problem, that of identity. The MKO under its original name is a burned card, but then so are all the other pseudonyms under which they have tried to disguise their profoundly undemocratic and inhumane activities over the years, such as the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Of course, since they are known to everybody, the issue of finding a new identity for Massoud Rajavi's new 'Americo-organisation' is going to prove somewhat problematic. We would like to advise all concerned that this avenue like many other con tricks has already been used by Rajavi himself and in this respect he far outranks every other political con-man in the world.

The persons who are already suing Rajavi in various countries for crimes against humanity will not leave go of him whether he acts under an assumed name or an umbrella organization, just some of which are listed below. All these names have been used by the Mojahedin in their propaganda campaigns, which in the past were funded, according to General Vafigh Samerai, former director of Iraqi Military Intelligence, by Saddam Hussein. Rajavi is no doubt hoping that his new shareholders will be as generous.

List of pseudo-entities created by the Mojahedin to co-ordinate
 supporters' activities on their behalf in their extensive propaganda campaigns.


1 Democratic Iranian Graduates and Specialists Association - Germany
2 Iranian Solidarity Association in Karlsruhe
3 Iranian Society - Munster
4 Iranian Refugee Society - Germany
5 Democratic Iranian Center - Kerfeld
6 Revival of Iranian Music Association
7 Iranians' Solidarity Association - Hanover
8 Iranian Refugee's Association - Darmstadt
9 Association of Women for Democracy in Iran - Bremmen
10 Association of Martyrs' Mothers - Germany
11 Iranians' Solidarity Association, Residents of Bucham City
12 Supporters of the People's Mojahedin of Iran Association - Koln (Cologne)
13 IMD Iran television program in Hanburg
14 Television program Negah - Hanover
15 Munich Iranian Society
16 Asylum Society in Rashstadt
17 Iranian Democratic Society - Durn
18 Iranian Society - Hamburg
19 Iranian Refugee Society - Frankfurt
20 Augsburg Iranian Society
21 Iranian Society in Leipzig
22 Iranians' Asylum Society in Stuttgart
23 Iranian Refugees Society of Berlin
24 Refugees Society of Freiberg
25 Refugee Athletes' society of Nuremberg
26 Independent Association of Iranians of Essen
27 Athletes Committee, Supporters of the National Council of Resistance - Germany
28 Iranians' Solidarity Association of Guttengen
29 Supporters of the People's Mojahedin of Iran in Giessen - Germany
30 Independent Iranian Refugees' Association - Dortmund
31 Women's Association - Kerfeldt, Dortmund
32 Political Prisoners' Union (in exile) Germany Unit


1 Iranian Wholesale Merchants' Union in England
2 Iranian Youth Association - Supporters of the Resistance of Iran
3 Iranian Women's Association - North East of England
4 Simorgh Association - for the Revival of Iranian Art in Britain
5 Iranian Cultural Center in Middlesbrough
6 ASM Iranian Association (Iranian Architects, Electronic and Mechanical engineers)
7 Association of Iranian Merchants
8 Association of Muslim Students - England
9 Iranian Welfare Association in Britain
10 Iranian Women's Association in Britain
11 National Association of Iranian Academics Britain
12 Association of Iranian Specialists - England
13 Iranian Society in Liverpool - England
14 Society of Iranian Professors of Northern England Universities
15 The Iranian Community in Metropolitan Manchester - England
16 A Large Iranian Community in London
17 The Iranian Community in Bristol
18 Iranian Cultural Association in Newcastle
19 Association of Iranian specialists in Glasgow
20 Anglo Iranian Women in the UK - front person Azam Leila Jazayeri nee Mollahzadeh


1 Association of Iranians in North California
2 Association of Iranians in Colorado - USA
3 Association of Iranians in Washington DC
4 The Religious Society in America
5 Iran-America Friendship Association in Illinois
6 Iran-America Cultural Association (Missouri)
7 Iran Zamin Cultural Association - Washington DC
8 Virginia State Leading Americans' Cultural Association
9 Association of Iranian and American Specialists and Physicians
10 Iranian Society in Houston
11 San Antonio's Iranian Society
12 Massachusetts' Iranian Society
13 Association of Iranian Women - America
14 The Specialists' Society - Supporters of the NCR in Houston
15 Iran Lovers in Mississippi
16 The Council of Iranian Specialists and Intellectuals in North Carolina
17 Iranian and American Solidarity Committee in Kansas
18 The Human Rights Center in Wisconsin
19 The Editorial Board of Iran Brief Monthly
20 Kooch ya Parvaz magazine editorial board
21 Mehr-e Iran School Management Board - Virginia USA
22 Political Prisoners Union - American Unit

Norway, Denmark, Sweden

1 Iranian Women's Society in Norway
2 Society of Iranian Specialists and Graduates in Norway
3 Society of Iranian Athletes in Norway
4 Iranian Radio-Television Association in Denmark
5 Iran and Denmark Cultural Association
6 Iranian Students' Association in Denmark
7 Association of Iranian Athletes in Denmark
8 Association of Iranian Women in Denmark
9 Association of Iranian Graduates in Denmark
10 Iranian Tortured Political Prisoners Association - Sweden
11 Association of Iranian Women in Sweden
12 Association of Supporters of the People's Mojahedin in Sweden
13 Association of Iranian Specialists in Sweden
14 Athletes' Society in Sweden
15 Iranian Artists' Society - Sweden
16 Association of Supporters of Iranian Refugees in Sweden

Switzerland, Italy and France

1 Society of Iranian Women in Switzerland
2 Association of Iranian Muslim Students in Switzerland
3 Aftab Association in France
4 Association of Supporters of Iranian Refugees (ASRI) in Switzerland
5 Association of democratic Iranian Women, Italy
6 Iranian Graduates' Society in Italy
7 Association in Defence of Iranian Children France
8 Association of Iranian Graduates and Specialists in France
9 Freedom and Culture Association, France
10 Iranian National Musical Instrument Group (SAMA) - France
11 Political Prisoners Union (in exile) France Unit
12 Association of Iranian Women in France
13 Association of Iranian Mothers of the Executed, France
14 Iranian Muslim Students' Association, France

Austria and Netherlands

1 Iranian Muslim Students' Association, the Netherlands
2 Association of Specialists and Artists - Austria
3 Muslim Students' Association, Supporters of the Mojahedin - the Netherlands
4 Society of Iranian Women in the Netherlands
5 Iranian Refugees' Society in the Netherlands
6 Iranian Art and Culture Society in the Netherlands
7 Iranian Specialists' Society - the Netherlands
8 Solidarity with the Netherlands' Iranian Association (SHI)
9 Association of Supporters of Iranian Refugees in the Netherlands (SIM)
10 Association of Supporters of the People's Mojahedin Organisation - Austria

Canada and Australia

1 Association of Iranian Specialists and Graduates - Canada (Ottawa)
2 Persian Club in Toronto
3 Political Prisoners Union (in exile) Canada Unit
4 Association of Supporters of the People's Mojahedin of Iran, Vancouver Canada
5 Association of Supporters of the People's Mojahedin Organisation in Australia
6 Association of Iranian Muslim Students in Australia

This list is not exhaustive as the Mojahedin invents pseudo associations as needed...