Mojahedin's exploitation of Singer


'MKO took advantage of his artistic position'


The following is a statement made by Mohammed Taghadossi, opera singer

Free Iranians, Dear Compatriots,

As you know, I, Mohammed Taghadossi, an opera singer in Germany, as a Iranian artist, have always tried to pay my dues to Iran and the Iranian people and to accomplish my duties, along with humanitarian purposes.

Unfortunately, for a while I was affected by the Mujahedin-e Khalq's propaganda and maybe this artistic relationship of mine with this group has annoyed a some of my dear compatriots.

Since I have always been questioned by others about the contact I had with this group, I announce that I cut my relations with this group more than 4 years ago, even though they exerted pressure on me; but as you know, art and artists have always been taken advantage of. Now, a long time after I have left this group, I see that they have taken advantage of my artistic position and they are trying to use my name for their own benefit in their radio and TV programs.

I state here that I love my country Iran and I love only my nation and my compatriots and I donít have any dependence on or relationship with any groups.

I do apologize to dear Iranians and all artists for being far from them and I stress again that if the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization is going to use my name and my artistic programs, I know it as my right to take legal measures against them.

Since the MKO is not in accordance with democratic standards and it even employs terrorist-like behavior toward its own members who want to leave this group, and since its group benefits are more important to it than national interests, I say that taking advantage of my artistic position is inhumane and anti-democratic.

May God bless Iran, the land of Cyrus, and its people.

Mohammed Taghadossi, Germany

29 May 2003