9 April 2003

Jordan offers safe passage to Mojahedin leaders
Escape from Iraq

IRAN-INTERLINK - 9 April 2003

Informed sources have told Iran Interlink that Jordan has agreed to arrange safe passage for a number of MKO (Mojahedin) fighters to escape from Iraq.
This help is in the form of special visas and flights to various EU countries with false documents to claim asylum.
Already hundreds have escaped from Iraq and more are in the waiting to leave.
The final phase will be the leadership, Massoud Rajavi and Maryam Rajavi (aka Maryam Abrishamchi, Maryam Azodanlou), and their close associates. This will only take place after preparations have been made in Europe and after the fall of Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi regime. [immediate effect]
To this end, intensive negotiations are still underway between Mojahedin representatives and American and European middlemen. The Mojahedin are emphasising their use after the war and their use as a bargaining chip against the Iranian regime should they want to interfere in Iraq.
Iran Interlink is deeply concerned about the thousands of Mojahedin combatants who will be abandoned by the leadership. These have already been separated into small groups and scattered through different parts of Iraq with orders to help the Iraqi soldiers. These are not front line troops but are providing logistical and intelligence support.