Iraq-Iran exchange of POWs
includes Mojahedin prisoners

March 2003


Iran-Interlink recently exposed the secret transfer of former Mojahedin members from Iraqi prisons to Iran. This latest news confirms what was reported at the time which is that there are more Mojahedin members still held in Iraqi prisons without trial.


"Iran and Iraq agreed on exchanging the remaining prisoners of 8 years of war between the two countries.

An Iraqi Foreign Ministry official said that the contract has been signed between two countries and the exchange will be made on Monday [17 March 2003]. He said that according to this agreement, Iraq will release 349 Iranian prisoners and Iran will release 941 Iraqi prisoners.

Confirming such an agreement, Iran's Foreign Ministry said that Iran will release more Iraqis, about 1200 prisoners.

An informed source declared that some of these Iranian prisoners are those who had joined the Mojahedin-e Khalq, due to their deceitful propagandas, and had asked for freedom at the time of peace between Iran and Iraq but the Organization has kept them in prisons so far."