Rajavi's deathbed conversion!

Once again we are witness to protests by people in Iran demanding their minimum civil and democratic rights. Once again we smell that whiff of freedom from the universities. And once again Iranian history and Iranian people are taking center stage. In this historical and sensitive time, once again we are witnessing the unprincipled effrontery of Rajavi and Rajavi's cult in Iraq, Europe and the United States of America. His temerity knows no bounds. Today from his guarded hideout in Iraq, Rajavi again issued a message. But this message was emptied from all previous typical cult jargon and was divested with a new identity. In this message there was no indication of Rajavi's previous totalitarian platform. In this message he called for a "referendum in Iran"!

This sudden change of clothes and attempt to insinuate himself amongst those who are calling for a referendum may be clearly perceived and understood. But the reasons behind it may not be as obvious.

Whether in these or in previous protests, the people of Iran have demonstrated that placing themselves under the rule of Rajavi and his cult, or Saddam Hussein or any other masters this cult may have, has never been one of their demands. Still Rajavi's history and his 'honorable' past have not been erased from memory. Still the victims of chemical gassing, the families of victims of arbitrary terrorist attacks and the disaffected members who ended up in Saddam Hussein's Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq are living evidence. Still the witnesses to the massacre of Kurds in the so-called 'morvarid' operation in 1991, search day and night for justice. Still the ink on the evidence of the misuse of the systems in democratic countries has not dried. And still the illegitimate relation of Rajavi with Saddam Hussein has not been investigated and exposed fully and still Rajavi's seat in an international court of law to account for his crimes remains empty.

Any effort to whitewash Rajavi and re-introduce him with a new identity is nothing but a dream. It is years since this particular subject has passed the point of no return and its putrid smell has pervaded the world. In this respect we ask most respectfully of whoever wants to support the Iranian people, their demonstrations, their demands and the struggle of the students, to look again at Iran's recent history and the historical place of Rajavi and his cult in the past twenty years. If you are not intent on helping these people we urge you as a minimum not to render people hopeless by confronting them with Rajavi and Rajavi's cult. All intelligence about previous protests in Iran reveal that upon introducing the name of Rajavi and his cult the mass support collapses and people disperse. Don't underestimate Iranians. They have more nationalistic pride than to accept people with such a treacherous past as Rajavi.

For those people who want a better future for the people of Iran, Iran Interlink guarantees on its own behalf not to give up until the complete destruction and dissolution of this cult, and not to give up until Rajavi's crimes have been documented in a court of law. This is our, and any human rights organizations' minimum debt to the victims of Rajavi's unquenchable thirst for power.

Iran Interlink
12 June 2003