Anti-Mojahedin feelings in Iraq

Source: Irandidban

Military invasion on Mojahedin base

Iraqi opposition forces accompanied by Meqdadiah’s regional tribes, who are angry due to the presence of Mojahedin in Iraq, attacked this group,  60 Kilometers from Baghdad, on Friday night  with heavy weapons as well as wit RPG.7 and machine guns.

In this attack, some of Mojahedin were killed and some others severely wounded.

In an announcement published by this group, there’s no information about the number of casualties.


Iraqi parties want Mojahedin dismissed

Zab Sathna, political aide and spokesman for Ahmad Chalabi, announced that: “all non-Iraqi armed groups, specially Mojahedin-e Khalq, should be dismissed from Iraq as soon as possible. They have been a part of Ba’th party’s intelligent system and they’re armed and dangerous. Saddam had used these forces to suppress people’s uprising in 1991.

Hakim, the head of supreme assembly of Iraq’s Islamic revolution, had reminded at the beginning of war that there’ll be no place for Mojahedin in the future of Iraq.


Brooks comments on Cease-fire with MKO

Brigadier General Vincent Brooks said at the US Central Command in Qatar that cease-fire is currently in effect with members of the People's Mujaheddin, an alias for the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK), one of 34 groups listed as Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations by the U.S. Department of State.

He said there have been "encounters of various sorts" with the group in Iraq, including "targeting them with lethal fire." Coalition special operations forces began negotiations with the group, Brooks said.

"At this point, a cease-fire is in effect, and some of the People's Mujaheddin have put down their weapons and are moving into what can best be described as assembly areas. They do have combat equipment, but [are] in a non-combat formation," Brooks said.

He also added: “the US has put MKO in terrorist list and their position has not changed yet. We consider them as terrorists until there’s no change. How we treat them, is still to be decided. It’s still too soon to comment on it.”

BBC, in an analysis about comments of Brooks, said:

Gen. Brooks has not commented about the fate of Mojahedin and whether they’re allowed to stay in Iraq or no.

From his sayings, it can be understood that MKO’s military wing has surrendered itself to US forces and now the decision about them is dependent to the US.

  A report on Iraqis hatred toward MKOs (Irandidban exclusive)

In sporadic clashes of MKO forces with uprising people of Jelula, a Kurd city in which Mojahedin have base and was considered as an Iraqi organ, people forced them to withdraw.

In this invasion, unarmed people killed some of MKO henchmen.

Clashes in Seyed Narin led to the killing of tens of MKO forces. They were so afraid that their military lining up was broken and they wandered in whole region, and they were trying to reach somewhere.

According to witnesses, MKO members’ moral is so weak after being encountered by people.

This report comes as follows:

1-     a column of Mojahedin, in a weak condition of morale, where running away toward their Ashraf Base.

2-     An automobile that belonged to MKO was captured by Kurd tribes of Meqdadiah village after being attacked by them. These people could capture 10 riders and made them escape of this car only with stones and pieces of wood.

3-     Residents of a village near Imam District could make some MKO members run away, who wanted to hide their car under a palm tree. MKO forces asked people miserably to let them stay there for a short time in order to be saved from US bombings.

4-     A number of Mansouriah people stopped a car belonging to Mojahedin and forced them to deliver the car to the people. But after crying in front of people and with taking advantage of people’s feelings could escape. These guys said to people: “we are Muslims like you. We are your guests. Don’t bother us.” According to witnesses, people of Diali hate this group and express their anger of their presence in different ways.

Reports come from Kelar, a city which was attacked by Mojahedin in 1991 where Mojahedin’s tanks passed over people in support of Ba’th regime, indicating that people are objecting to the presence of this group in Iraq and its activities and they have expressed their protests several times to local authorities.