Iran-Interlink promotes three issues concerning the Mojahedin organization for which we are actively campaigning. One of these is to pursue justice for those people who have suffered at the hands of the Mojahedin and in particular the leadership. Another is for the right of members of the Mojahedin to have free and unfettered contact with their families.
Our latest campaign is to invite the Mojahedin to free and open dialogue with other groups and personalities in order to establish what actual place it has in Iranian politics.


Legal/Financial Issues reports misuse of charity money

Charity Commission Report on Iran Aid

1,500 MKO Iranians Lied To Get Asylum 





















Camp Ashraf

What is Happening at
Camp Ashraf...
(Articles on events at Camp Ashraf, Iraq, 2005)

More former MKO veterans return to Iran
(Nejat Association, October 13, 2005)

Focus: MKO Members Return to Iran
(IRNA, October 13, 2005)

Three Former MKO Members Reunited with Families
(IRNA, August 14, 2005)

POWs, Taken Hostage by MKO
(Irandidban, August 8, 2005)

More MKO defectors repatriated
(Nejat Association, August 3, 2005)

Five MKO Members Returned Home
(IRNA, July 12, 2005)

Eight former MKO combatants welcomed by their families in Tabriz

13 who Reject Mojahedin Arrive in Iran in Borrowed Clothes - see pictures

Safe return - a former MKO member is greeted warmly by his family in Tehran after escaping the cult (December 2004)

Human Rights

Four Mojahedin killed in cross border clash

Iran-Iraq POW exchange includes Mojahedin prisoners

Two Mojahedin members killed under torture

Rajavi to be held
on terrorism charges

Pending human rights

Report on Mojahedin
dissidents in Iraqi
Abu Ghraib prison -
many transferred to Iran

Plea for Mojahedin prisoners
in Abu Ghraib