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U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing, Washington DC
September 11, 2003
Briefer: Richard Boucher, Spokesman
...Question: Can we switch to the MEK in Iraq? Does the State Department have some concerns that the U.S. military has not effectively disarmed the MEK in Iraq and that they have been allowed to operate?

Mr. Boucher: As -- I think the Pentagon has been quite clear on the situation there, and so I really refer you to them for the details.

From a policy point of view, we have all agreed within this Administration that: first of all, the MEK is a terrorist organization; second of all, that we are not going to allow terrorist organizations to exist or operate inside Iraq, and how we go about doing that is the subject that the Pentagon, I think, is already discussing. So I'll leave that part of it to them.

Question: Did the State Department, though, express any concern to the Pentagon about this?

Mr. Boucher: This has been an ongoing subject of discussion from the beginning of the war --

Question: But recently?

Mr. Boucher: -- the existence of terrorists inside Iraq is something that we have had to deal with. I am not going to get into specific memos or when we talk to other agencies. We talk to other agencies about everything every day. You can assume that.

Question: What kind of points are still outstanding on that though, Richard?

Mr. Boucher: The -- again, --

Question: Yeah, what are main things --

Mr. Boucher: -- check with the Pentagon on the status of what they are doing with regard to this group.