Misuse of democratic institutions

On October 3 [1991], Reuters filed this report from the United Nations, reflecting Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin's remarks.


"Mohammad Mohaddessin, director of international relations for the People's Mujahideen of Iran, also accused the Iranian government of trying to spread its influence to the Soviet Asian republics to fill the void left by Communism's collapse.

"Mohaddessin, whose organisation has armed followers based in Iraq said... The mullahs have stepped up their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons... Mohaddessin said Tehran was seeking technical assistance from China, Pakistan and Argentina and enriched uranium from Western Europe, particularly France, to build a nuclear bomb...

"While Iran did not yet have the know-how, it had enough enriched uranium to produce one nuclear bomb and was seeking to purchase more from France [he said]...

"Mohaddessin, who said his information was supplied by informants and sympathisers in the Iranian government and military, said Tehran was also working vigorously to develop chemical weapons. It had set up chemical plants in four regions of the country and was training Iranian revolutionary guards to use chemical weapons."

This information was published at a time when the Mojahedin's benefactor and host Saddam Hussein had already used chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers in the eight year war with Iran and against his own Kurdish population in Halabja. The timing of this interview also closely follows the uprising of the Kurds and Shiites after the Gulf war in February 1991. The help which the Mojahedin gave to Saddam Hussein in violently and murderously suppressing these uprisings has been widely documented.

The Mojahedin is currently on the list of terrorist entities of the USA, UK and EU. Both Mr Mohaddessin and Mr Alireza Jafarzadeh are presently denying that they have any involvement with the Mojahedin and claim to be solely representing the National Council of Resistance of Iran. It is claimed that the Mojahedin is only one member of the Council, yet over 95 percent of members of the NCRI are Mojahedin members.

NLA Journal November 1991, Mr Mohaddessin is on the left

Mojahed publication No. 609, p1

Mohaddessin (third from left) in a Mojahedin meeting in Iraq