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Family Contact

The Family Contact campaign has developed out of the original work of Iran-Interlink. That work was to establish a way for estranged families of Mojahedin members to regain contact with their loved ones. Since then there have been other efforts by people for contact, and we have now extended our work to help more families not only to have contact with their families, but to be able to visit them in Iraq. The issue at the heart of this campaign is the systematic denial of Mojahedin members to have free and unfettered contact with their families. This is due to the cult indoctrination of members which requires that relations with all normal life and relationships be severed and that members relate exclusively to the organization and to the leaders of the Mojahedin. 

Families protest to United Nations

In October 2002, relatives of Mojahedin members gathered in Tehran to announce their dissatisfaction with the way that the Mojahedin have denied them access to their family members. The relatives issued a statement to the United Nations, requesting that the UN act on their behalf to trace the missing people.

Massoud Rajavi Invites families to visit Mojahedin bases

The Mojahedin denounced the relatives as having been manipulated by the Iranian regime for political purposes. However, Massoud Rajavi also issued a personal invitation to the relatives and anyone else concerned about the welfare of their family members in the Mojahedin to make a visit to the Mojahedin camps in Iraq to see for themselves. See statement (pdf format)

Iran-Interlink's response

In response to Massoud Rajavi's invitation, Iran-Interlink has compiled a list of fifty people from our existing database of people who sought news of their relatives. These people, who all live outside Iran, are willing to travel to Iraq to visit their relatives in the Mojahedin. To this end, Iran-Interlink has tried to make arrangements for the families to visit. This involves guarantees for their safety and adequate supervision by external bodies (United Nations, International Committee of the Red Cross, etc) while in Iraq.

Iran Interlink welcomes Mojahedin's invitation for families to visit bases


When Iran-Interlink tried to arrange visa's for these families, we were informed by the Iraqi authorities that they have no responsibility for the Mojahedin and that we should contact them directly. The Mojahedin however appear to have ignored our letters and requests to the extent that they haven't even acknowledged the existence of these members. Copies of the letters have been sent to human rights organisations.

While we are pursuing this issue, we appeal to all our readers to contact the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Iraq, Mr Andreas Mavrommatis, and ask him to put pressure on the Iraqi government to take responsibility and facilitate the visits of these families under the supervision of the UN.

For more information on the appeal click here.

Recent Developments

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